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Now Available for Online Coaching



While I'm capable of tackling any adventure in coaching, I'm better suited for some goals. These goals include improving relationships, improving parenting. Aditionally, I can help improve or change careers or develop your leadership abilities. 

I'm well suited to coach someone toward improving relationships and improving their parenting style. I'm currently  a school counselor and I'm very well versed in conflict resolution. I also have previous experience as a family based therapist. In that role, I helped clients work on improving parent child relationships and developing structure in the home. 

As a school counselor, I'm consistantly assisting students in career exploration. I have also experienced career progression of my own during my time in the military. Additionally, I have made my own career change after I retired from the military. If you want to improve or change your career, I can assist you.

During my time in the military, I also developed my own leadership and management skills. This experience will help me help those who wish to work on simular goals. 

Rest assured I will not shy away from a challange. My expertise is in change process and I can assist regardless of how my background matches your goals. 

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